Zwart – Global Switch Amsterdam


Customer             : Zwart Techniek BV

subject                   : positioning of two new NSA installations


Global Switch commissioned Zwart Techniek BV of IJmuiden to supply two NSA installations for the expansion of the current data centre in Amsterdam.


Due to the necessary capacity, two Wartsila existing ships' engines were adapted which were loaded in Zwolle, weighing 64 tonnes each and with a transportation height of four metres, and by having the necessary permits, were transported by road to the site in Amsterdam, where we erected a temporary step structure, as the floor of the technical area is 1.50 metres above ground level.


The challenge was partly due to the fact that once the installations were in the technical area, they had to be rotated 70 degrees using a hydraulic slide system in order to position them where they needed to be erected.


A turntable was developed for this in collaboration with Leo van Oostrum, which makes it possible to fully rotate the installation by hydraulic means in the technical area. The work was carried out within four working days.




Zwart Datacenter Global Switch 3.jpg Zwart Datacenter Global Switch.jpg Zwart Datacenter Global Switch 2.jpg Zwart Datacenter Telecity 1.jpg

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