Nedmove is also a reliable partner when it comes to carrying out disassembly work that is regularly carried out in connection with the relocation of machines or installations for transportation to the new site by road or, if necessary, stowing in containers or packing in boxes for transporting overseas or transporting to a site for transportation and processing in accordance with current regulations.


We possess centrally located indoor and outdoor storage sites equipped with overhead cranes that have a maximum capacity of 2 x 50 tonnes for any temporary storage that is required.


In many cases, disassembly work has to be carried out as part of operational production processes. Potential stagnation, the risk of dangers and matters such as pollution must be kept to a minimum. Even in the case of disassembly projects, preparation and project management are what determine the safe and successful implementation of the project.


Your project is in reliable hands with Nedmove. We boast extensive experience, a team of committed specialists, and modern materials and equipment. Nedmove employees are well-trained and undergo regular training.

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