Zwart – de Knip amsterdam


Customer             : Zwart Techniek BV

subject                   : Replacement of two CHP installations


BAM Techniek commissioned Zwart Techniek BV of IJmuiden to replace the existing CHP installation belonging to the De Knip office building in Amsterdam.


At the instruction of Zwart Techniek BV, we disassembled the existing installation and, by erecting a 650-tonne crane equipped with a 72-metre portable jib, carried out the vertical transportation from the technical area to the ground floor using the structural roof opening, and then hoisted in and positioned one new NSA installation.


There has been extensive consultation with the relevant local council about closing the present road network and the work was carried out during a weekend (see hoisting schedule).



Zwart De Knip.jpg Zwart De Knip 2.jpg Zwart De Knip 1.jpg Zwart De Knip 4.jpg

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