BOTLEK Tank terminal


Customer             : Naftobudowa SA

subject                   : Relocation of various storage tanks


Due to the expansion of the current storage capacity, the decision was taken to relocate a number of tanks locally to a new on-site location.


The tanks in question were then assembled on site in parts, as a result of which no hoisting points were available to relocate them in their entirety, so our engineering department calculated the costs of temporary hoists and designed some.


Due to the measurements (height 18 metres, diameter 12 metres) and weight (65 tonnes) of the tanks in question, they were relocated using one x 650-tonne crane and 10 line platform trailers.


A 100-metre paved road was put down so that the new site could be reached and as it was necessary to erect the crane between the foundations of the new sites, steel barriers were used which were placed in the centre of the drilled piles (see attached hoisting schedule (2Mb pdf)). 

TTR verplaatsen tanks.jpg TTR verplaatsen tanks 2.jpg TTR verplaatsen tanks 3.jpg

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