RPC BEBO – Morgantown (usa)


customer             : RPC BEBO Goor

subject                   : relocation of coex film line from beuningen to morgantown (USA)


Nedmove was commissioned by tender to relocate a Coex film line from Beuningen to Morgantown (USA).


The task consists of carrying out the following work:


  • Drawing up the acceptance protocol 
  • Labelling the installation parts to be disassembled 
  • Disassembling the installation, both mechanically and electrically 
  • Packaging and stowing in boxes and containers 
  • Transporting to the Port of Rotterdam 
  • Transporting overseas to New York 
  • Transporting from New York to Morgantown 
  • Unloading and assembling installation 
  • Delivering to the customer on the basis of the acceptance protocol



RPC BEBO Morgantown 2.jpg RPC BEBO Morgantown 1.jpg RPC BEBO montage bordes.jpg

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