Purac – VDU plant Blair


customer             : Purac Netherlands

subject                   : relocation of vdu plant from gorinchem to blair (USA)


PURAC commissioned Nedmove to relocate an entire VDU (Vacuum Distiller Unit) plant from Gorinchem to Blair (USA).


As this plant forms part of an installation whose production cannot be interrupted, the disassembly work was carried out with the utmost of care.


The work consists of disassembling the installation, including marking all appendages and pipework for reassembly, loading the installation parts into containers and on skids, transporting the parts overseas via the Port of Antwerp to Houston, loading the parts onto combined transport, transporting the parts to Blair and unloading the parts on site for assembly at a later stage.


Purac Blair(USA) 2.jpg Purac Blair(USA) 1.jpg Purac Blair (USA) 3.jpg PURAC relocation VDU plant 052.jpg PURAC relocation VDU plant 046.jpg

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