Albemarle – safe dust project


Customer             : Albemarle Catalysts Company BV Amsterdam

subject                   : Replacement of cyclones


At the instruction of Albemarle BV and under the project name the "Safe Dust Project", disassembly and assembly work was carried out to replace eight cyclones, including the associated duct work and carrying out all associated vertical and horizontal transportation, in order to reduce flue gas emissions.


Due to a potential absence of light (natural) radioactive radiation when opening the cyclones, the people concerned were told about this in detail in advance, as well as when the work was being carried out, which is subject to stringent safety requirements and use of the correct protective equipment under continuous supervision by a radiation expert from the NRG.


A detailed hoisting plan was drawn up (see annex (2Mb pdf)), partly due to the fact that the disassembly and hoisting work were carried out in an installation that is in operation.



Albemarle vervangen Cyclonen 1.jpg Albemarle vervangen cyclonen 2.jpg Albermarle vervangen cyclonen 3.jpg foto Albermarle.jpg

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